Sunday, July 22, 2012

Border Top Row 10

Difficulty of block: moderate easy
Number of pieces: 32
Method used: hand piecing

Precious Gems just may be my favourite border triangle so far, with its interesting braided pattern and pleasing fabric combination.


Hilachas said...

That's a beautiful triangle. I've found all the ones I've made so far to be fairly easy, but then I've only made 7. Love the colors you chose too.

Sheila said...

I agree Karen it is a lovely block, your fabric combination makes a simple block special

Kathinca said...

I really admire what you do with these blocks. The pieces are so small! Lovely colours in this triangle.

Paula said...

Ohh this one is my favourite - was the first thing in my mind when I saw this picture - BEAUTIFUL COLORS

Meredith said...

looks great!

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