Friday, December 23, 2011


Difficulty of block: easy
Number of pieces: 21
Method used: hand piecing, hand applique

In the Dear Jane book, Indianapolis had been altered from the original pattern, but was an easy fix, so I fixed it.  That leaves one center block to go and eight days till the end of the year; I'm thinking I can do it.  And, Merry Christmas to all!


Hilachas said...

Yes! You're going to get it done. WTG! This one is pretty as well I can hardly wait to see your finished quilt :)

Sue said...

Your blocks are beautiful as always. You are moving right along and I'm still in the slow lane :D

Merry Christmas!


Ellie's Quiltplace said...

Wow, I'm sure you're going to make it before 2012! Then on with the triangles.
Do we get to see a picture of all your 169 finished blocks together?

Josie McRazie said...

If I remember didn't she go all the way out with what should have been like a 1/4 inch (exageration) square! I think I fixed this as well! LOL I agree with Ellie BTW I want to see a pic of all of them laid out when you get that last one done next week!! oh I cant wait!!!!

Susan D said...

Yeah, it's funny how Brenda, working so very very hard at creating those templates, still managed to get some of those designs out of whack. Easy enough to fix them.

The one I'm working on right now, A13, has lines missing from the diagram in such a way that if you followed it, you could not possibly get it to work, right or wrong.

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