Sunday, July 10, 2011


Difficulty of block: moderate easy
Number of pieces: 36
Method used: hand piecing, hand applique

It is hard to say for sure, from the photo of the original block, if Eaton's Crossroads was all pieced, but I kind of think it was.  I'm pretty sure I can see seam lines at the corners of the center square.  Anyway, I decided to piece together the circle, and then applique it to the square.  The only problem with this is having to deal with seam bulk when turning under to applique.  I thinned it out some and all in all it didn't turn out too bad.  Reverse applique would be another option for the center circle.


Yvette said...

I think it turned out great!

Ellen said...

It's a beautiful block. Lovely fabrics!

Josie McRazie said...

ummmm ghasp! I LOVE THAT ORANGE!! hehe just thought you'd like to know! What a beautiful block!!

Paula said...

Now that is a beautiful block, I love that orange and purple.

Robin said...

I love the orange in this! When I first looked at this, it brought to mind a jack-o-lantern. Clearly, I am ready for fall! :)

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