Sunday, June 19, 2011


Difficulty of block: easy
Number of pieces: 17
Method used: hand piecing, hand applique

It appears that the original Parcheesi block was all hand appliqued, but I thought it was a perfect block to hand piece, except for the melons.  All I had to do was run a seam line from square to square (where the melons go) and I was left with 13 straight edged pieces to stitch together.


Yvette said...

Easy? That sure doesn't appear easy at all. Great job and as usual, great fabrics as well.

Yvonne Joslin said...

I have tried to leave comments before.
I am yet another person who checks every monday morning to what you have done each week, thank you for your weekly inspiration, I have done 78 squares so far.
We have formed our own little Dear jane group here in the UK.
Once again thank you for your constant inspiration

sewprimitive karen said...

That's all you had to do LOL?? It looks fabulous!

handmade said...

very nice!!! Lovely colours again finally after years I started dear jane too... but a very old fashioned one... with only pink, braun, yellows and so....

Josie McRazie said...

I love it! Yes, it was a LOT easier than it looked!! I am a beginner and did rather well on this block!!

Vivian said...

Wonderful fabrics with these bold colors. Love it.
As you've made so many blocks, I don't think any of them are going to slow you down. You've found a way to ease through even the most challenging ones.

Robin said...

Those are some fabulous fabrics! Very bold. And I love your approach to this block. Smart!

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