Sunday, June 5, 2011


Difficulty of block: easy
Number of pieces: 8
Method used: hand piecing, hand applique

Fast and fun again this week with Mirror Image!

How could I resist a repeat of last week?  As I flipped through the pages in search of my next Dear Jane block, I came across B-3 and knew this was the one.


Yvette said...

Another beauty!

Hilachas said...

I just finished B-3 also and agree that it is easy. It's nice to relax with an easy block from time to time. I like your colors. I'm doing the plain ole, plain ole white background.

handmade said...

very nice block again, love these colours

Ellen said...

Lovely block.
I think I would piece it, since I'm addicted to sewing curves ;o)

Vivian said...

It's a beauty with unique fabrics. Your progress is impressive.

Josie McRazie said...

And thanks for the heads up!! I have changed it!! Still new to the blog and it took me a few trial and error to figure out where it was! LOL

Paula said...

One more beautiful block. I love that flower fabric, is it by Den Haan & Wagenmakers? It is pretty.

Robin said...

Gorgeous! I love the fabrics in this one.

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