Sunday, January 2, 2011


Difficulty of block: easy
Number of pieces: 41
Method used: hand piecing

I reduced Stephanie's Snowflake by four pieces.  Brenda drafted the pattern so the little points at the ends of the long thin pieces were separate.  It only made sense to cut them as one, as they were from the same fabric.

As I was pressing this tiny block of many seams, I wondered how one would quilt these Dear Jane blocks?  I can't imagine hand quilting through all the seams.  Would it be wise to just quilt the sashing and border?  


Sue said...

I think that is how I would it...quilt the sashing and border. It can be hard hand or machine quilting though so many seams. I know, I just did so with a quilt I just finished up! It was tough.

Happy stitching!

Vivian said...

This is a very pretty blue block. That was a logical move, eliminating the 4 extra pieces.

I've seen closeup photos of elaborate machine quilting on DJ quilts, specific to each block, working with all the pieces and parts. Each block probably has an area with few seams that would be just right for a bit of hand quilting, if that's the way you want to go.
I'm so far away from having mine done that I'm not thinking about it--yet.

Yvette said...

I know what you mean. Lot's of people have, maybe you can look closer at what they did for ideas.

Great block!

Melody said...

This one looks really tricky. Your quilt will be wonderful when its finished and I agree all that hand quilting would be very very hard.

Ellen said...

Happy New Year!!

I'm not sure how I would quilt mine. I considered quilting it just like Jane did, but indeed I guess it would be hard to quilt through all the seams...

Meredith said...

How much time, work and energy do you want to put into it? Sometimes with hand quilting doing something simple is best when there are so many pieces and fabrics. I turned my Dj reject blocks into a wall hanging and did pretty simple quilting within the blocks. Around applique or 1/4 inch in. Then again this one seems to me to be a labor of love?

Robin said...

Lovely block, Karen!

I've been thinking a lot about quilting on this one. I want to hand quilt it and I think I may try and just follow the lead of Jane Stickle and just approach each block individually. Of course, I am happily ignorant about how hard it will be since I've not actually hand quilted anything before! :P

Notjustnat said...

This is great. Simple and effective. Almost missed this one - hugs Nat

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