Sunday, January 9, 2011


Difficulty of block: moderate (inset seams)
Number of pieces: 33
Method used: hand piecing

Tic Tac Toe came with inset seams, but was a breeze compared to F-12.  Brenda changed her pattern a little from the original by varying the sizes of the center squares.  I think I prefer the original.


Robin said...

Beautiful work, Karen! I remember doing this one... I accidentally turned mine on its side. :P

Vivian said...

When I clicked on the block to enlarge the photo, I was reminded of how many steps were involved in making my version of this one. Another impressive block, Karen.

Jane in Wales said...

Lovely fabrics you are using, Karen! I always preferred the original too, and re-drew all the blocks.
I look forward to seeing yours finished!

Yvette said...

Another work of art.

Ellen said...

I remember making this one. I didn't mind the inset seams... but the centre of the block, with all it's little pieces of fabric. Brrrrr.... :P

Melody said...

I am very impressed. This looks really tricky.

Jolanda said...

Beautiful fabrics. This was a very hard block for me. I did it at the very beginning of my DJ journey. :)

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