Sunday, January 24, 2010


Difficulty of block: difficult
Number of pieces: 41
Method used: hand piecing

If I was to only use one word to describe Chase A Myth, it would be nasty!  The section running on an angle across the center of the block is like an elastic band.  I must have done something wrong, when cutting out the pieces.  So, a perfectly square block, I have not.  Hopefully, when it comes time to piece the blocks together, I can ease it in.  Or, maybe I should consider making a new one?  On a happy note, the block pattern is a very interesting one, even with its slightly distorted look.


Mrs Quilty said...

I do love those prints, Karen, and it doesn't look off to me! Looks perfect! It definitely was a challenge to make, I can tell, because some of my civil war blocks are like that and it takes some amount of patience to get those kind made!! Very nice!

Anya said...

Several of my blocks are "eased in". I think yours looks great -- don't re-do it, just keep going!

Robin said...

Never fear! You'll have no problem easing it in and it will look GREAT in the quilt. :)

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