Sunday, November 1, 2009


Difficulty of block: moderate
Number of pieces: 13
Method used: hand piecing, hand applique

I had the Maury High School block pieced together in a blink of the eye, but it took forever to applique on the four little melons.


Vivian said...

Those little melons and diamonds on the DJ blocks are cute, but they definitely slow us down.
The purple fabric is pretty-- reminds me of raspberry sherbet.

sewprimitive karen said...

Those little DJ melons are certainly occupying a good bit of my time. Your block looks great!

PatchworkRose said...

What a gorgeous purple Karen. Have not seen that one before. Love the block too Simple but so effevtive.

Robin said...

Perfect melons! And purple too! I'm so jealous! :) Another beautiful block.

That Girl said...

Your block looks wonderful! Well done!

Jennifer :)

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