Thursday, August 27, 2009

Missing Link

Just to let the following Followers know, if you have a blog, your link is missing. Please go to Blogger (Manage Blogs I Follow) and add your blog link, so I can stop by for a visit.

  • viridian61
  • Dianet Quesada
  • Rosana Tarandetti
  • Doina
  • frazzledsugerplummum
  • Ruth Oblinski
  • Barbara Bergstrom
  • maalwalker
  • debbroxson

I know who the following Followers are, but just to let you know, your link is also missing.

  • Dulces Quilts (Viviana)
  • Susis Quilts (susis_blog)
  • The Rabbit Factory (Lorraine Lefort)
  • Robin Hill Quilts (robinhillquilts)
  • Quilts on the Go (pamina)
  • Not So Zen-Quilts in Paris (quilt-will75)
  • Flaming Stitches (Ethne Illingworth)

Please add your blog link, if you have one, so I can come visit. Hope to see you soon!

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viridian said...

viridian61: my blog is at
I'll be opening a giveaway contest later today!!

To see what other projects I am working on, visit me at Journey of a Quilter.