Sunday, June 7, 2009


Difficulty of block: moderate (positioning was tricky)
Number of pieces: 9
Method used: hand applique
I have listed Dee Dee's Delight as an Oops! block on my sidebar. Brenda changed the shape of the diamonds from what Jane had in her quilt. Jane's are even sided. I decide to make my block like Jane's, so I used the diamonds from the J-1 block on page 89. Both ways look nice, I just felt like doing it Jane's way this time.


handmade said...

wow this block really is great, it looks very difficult next week I will learn how the applique, I looking forward doing it too

Yvette said...

It is beautiful. Your fabric selection is perfect, as usual.

Anya said...

I hadn't noticed that Jane's diamonds had even sides. I think I would have made them like Jane if I had realized it. Yours looks lovely.

Betweens said...

I gotta say that your workmanship really keeps the enthusiasm going..I am behind in my BOM but will be catching up..your pics are so very your display of the blocks and your description...thanks for taking the time..

Eileen said...

Stunning! Oh how I wish I had more time.....for now I will watch you!

Robin said...

Your applique is perfect on this block. Wow. Just stunning!

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