Sunday, May 31, 2009

How it's Going

Well, to this point I have made 32 of the 169 center blocks. It doesn't seem like many, but at the same time it does, if that makes any sense. I am very comfortable at one block a week and think I will stick with that.

I also think I will continue with the center blocks and make the border blocks when I have finished. Now, with that being said, it sounds like I plan on making the whole quilt!

I will also continue to precut about six blocks at a time, so I only have to do prep work every five to six weeks. At first I was using the rotary cutter to cut apart my freezer paper templates. Now I find it much easier to use the scissors and also faster and more accurate. Several times I thought I had the ruler on the line and ran the rotary cutter across, only to find I went off the line. I don't know about you, but I'd rather be stitching then prepping!


Robin said...

"I'd rather be stitching then prepping!"

Amen! :)

Anonymous said...

Your organisation posts are really helpful. I'm planning a Baby Jane at the moment, so I'm trying to pick up all the tips I can find!

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