Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Diamond Dilemma

I so want to start working on some diamonds, but for the life of me, I can't decide on fabric. Linda Franz made her Quilted Diamonds with just two fabrics, white and blue. My first thought was to make scrappy diamonds, then, I could use my test diamond. Now, I'm thinking the scrappy look would not do the diamonds justice. I could go with just two colours like Linda, or I could select one of the many fabric collections, for a little more variety in the diamonds. As for colour, I'm now thinking soft and feminine. What would you do?


Robin said...

As I recall, the original Jane Austen quilt is rather scrappy (though they were all kind of related, very floral). I know her diamonds weren't intricately pieced, but I think soft, feminine and scrappy would look amazing, and I have no doubt the diamonds would still shine.

Beth said...

I would continue with the scrappy look. Your fabric choices are lovely!

Barbara said...

red and white would be stunning softerwould be pinks double pinks,,gorgeous then of course greens very tired thoughts from an insomiac Janer

Minka's Studio said...

What happened with this decision? I quickly checked to see if you have more diamonds on this blog, and can't find I'm throwing in my two cents (knowing it may be too late). Scrappy would be very nice and might make it more fun to work on. Or you could compromise and do scrappy in a limted range of colors. That way you can still play with the color and texture combos.

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