Sunday, January 11, 2009


Difficulty of block: easy
Number of pieces: 7
Method used: hand piecing

It's a little hard to look Abbey's Eye, in the eye! LOL The fabric is very busy. I narrowed it down to two different ways to piece this block together. I could, stitch together seven individual pieces or I could applique the two yellow pieces to the background fabric. I thought it would be more fun having the stripes go in different directions, so I pieced instead of appliqueing.
Until next week.....happy quilting!


Robin said...

The fabrics are busy, but I really like how the block looks with those stripes. I especially love the "eye" fabric... that is just beautiful!

Betweens said...

Karen your blocks are looking fantastic and now I am able to join you on your DJ quest. I rec'd my first 10 blocks and will start piecing tomorrow.
I will be piecing these by hand rather machine so the process may be a little slow. I want every block to be a memory and I think I will start my Jane Diary separate like you..I have 24 months for this to be complete it would be wonderful to look back on the beginning days and then the end. thanks again for all your wonderful tips they are going to be very helpful

Shnoodle! said...

I think the stripes are fantastic. One of the greatest things about Jane Stickle's quilt is how she used the pattern of her fabric to enhance the blocks. Your block is beautiful.

Bizarre Quilter said...

Oh no, the fabric is great. I love the book behind it. What a great look!

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