Sunday, November 16, 2008

Developing a System

How about that! So far, I have completed one Quilted Diamond and five Dear Jane blocks. And, nothing bad has happened to make me want to end my journey.

I have been storing my finished blocks in a small Rubbermaid container. Also, saving all my pattern pieces. You never know, I may want to make a second Dear Jane someday! My pattern pieces are placed in an envelope, labelled, then stored in a decorative photo box.

To make the pattern pieces, I use freezer paper. With a thin ruler and fine pencil, I trace the pattern onto the freezer paper. When possible, I separate the pattern pieces with my rotary cutter. What I have been doing is cutting out 5-6 patterns (templates and fabric pieces) at a time. This is an all day job, for me anyway. Accuracy is very important when hand piecing.

Then, I select my threads and store everything in my project box. Now, I can relax, as I have blocks prepared for the next 5-6 weeks.

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Ethne said...

A great way of working - I started SBS quilt blocks at the turn of the year. But unfortunately haven't made any since probably Jan. The way you organise your blocks ready for piecing is just what I've been thinking about doing when I have a day off, between the end of Nov and the Christmas holidays, when I'm home alone.

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