Sunday, November 23, 2008


Difficulty of block: easy
Number of pieces: 11
Method used: hand piecing

A very simple looking pattern, but eye catching. I think this is one of my favourites.

Until next week.....happy quilting!

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Betweens said...

I have signed up for DJ through in Tex.. I am in Ontario.. but they had a great deal they will send 10 blocks per month and pick the fabric.
I thought that would be easier for me since I have so much fabric I don't know where to start to look!! ;-) so I will be popping in to see your wonderful blocks as I am also on my Journey.. thanks for the postings this is great!!!Your blocks are beautiful.
I am not affiliated with the store but thought that you would like to know you have a following..LOL.. ME!! and your blocks really gave me the push to go for it!!

Anonymous said...

Your blocks are lovely. They are coming along quite well. How many of these do you need to finish?

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