Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dear Jane and Quilted Diamonds

I was searching for something in my quilting room yesterday and came across a block, cut out and ready to go. This little block, along with a pretty little diamond block, have been ready to sew for over a year now. My warm up blocks. The first block is from Brenda Papadakis's book, Dear Jane and the second block is from Linda Franz's book, Quilted Diamonds. She also has a second book out called, Quilted Diamonds 2. Linda Franz has taken the Dear Jane blocks and turned them into diamonds. Linda is a big fan of Jane Austen and was inspired to make a diamond quilt, after seeing a quilt Jane Austen made in 1811. A medallion quilt with plain diamonds on it.

So, I do not know if I will make all the Dear Jane blocks, but I will begin and see how far it takes me. As for theme, I'm still thinking. Brenda suggests in her book, Amish colours, reproduction fabrics, two-colours of fabric or scrappy. What to do! Just so I feel that I am getting somewhere, I will probably make a series of smaller quilts. Linda Franz used only two fabrics (background and focus) to make her Quilted Diamonds quilt. In her second book, Quilted Diamonds 2, she added more colours. Both are very nice. Again, I will probably do a series of smaller Quilted Diamonds.

I plan to start my journey back in time, in October.

So, until then.....happy quilting!


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Sharyn said...

No matter how skilled, your quilting abilities will increase immeasurably when you make these block. Have you tried Linda's InkLingo? Joy for the journey, Sharyn/KalamaQuilts

Lady of the Cloth said...

What a neat undertaking! I keep thinking about doing a DJ quilt, but I've taken a vaccine and so far avoided the pox! Posts like yours expose me again though.
Carline @ Lady of the Cloth

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